Tuesday, August 21, 2012

RIP-Phyllis Diller...95 years of laughter.

I think the first eccentric comedian I ever fell in love with was Phyllis Diller. Everything about her cracked me up and, like Carol Burnett, I always though of yesterday's generation of humor as superior to my own. I was working on syllabi during my last night in Long Island when I heard that she passed away at 95 years old. This made me sad and make me realize I do not know enough about this woman.
Perhaps I should spend the next year of my life reading more.

RIP Ms. Diller in the same way I will lay to rest my tremendous five days in Amagansett. Spending time with my cousin, his parents, and his family has been a wonderful experience (as it always is).

Now it is time to cross the sound and face reality again (with hope I might steal away another weekend before the chaos begins).

Laugh. That's what she would want.

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