Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tuesday in Connecticut...I sweat gland you.

"After all these years, Harold learned that it wasn’t his heart that loved, it was a sweatgland in his armpit," was what I drafted in my notebook today as one of my teachers did a phenomenal job writing about Love in a multi-genre presentation. She chose the heart as the metaphor commonly used and I thought about Gary Larson and his comic strips.

What if we suddenly realized we had the wrong organ all along? That would be funny. "Honey, what I meant to say is, I sweat gland you." We would have to lose the heart as a semiotic and come up with another icon

So I made an advertisement during her multi-genre prompt to come at a theme in a new way. I chose humor and the caption actually reads, "After years of gaining the courage to tell Elizabeth that he loved her, Zach realized what his problem was. Love didn’t come from the heart. Love came from a sweat gland in his right armpit. Philosophers and Hollywood were wrong all along. His feelings were not in the center of his chest but in another location of his body."

I cracked myself up in Connecticut and even though others didn't laugh, I did. I've been sweat glanding my relatives, friends, and the act of writing for a very very long time. All one has to do is see me teach to realize this is the truth.

Happy August, 2012.

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