Saturday, September 1, 2012

I cheated on March a little...

...and went for the madness in August.

Actually, I read the book, an adolescent novel, by Paul Volponi told from the perspective of four players in the final four trying to make it to the championship game. The brilliance of Volponi's work, I feel, came from the depth of story that exists behind the scenes of these players as they jump at their dreams and try to bring home a championship title. In the mix, Volponi both critiques and celebrates the NCAA and brings forth many ethical questions that surround college basketball.

Each chapter begins with a quote from someone famous in the industry and the lives of the four players intersect, challenge, and move beyond the game they play in three overtimes. As the score of the overtime is narrated, characters offer background knowledge of how they made it to the final four. I can totally see myself advocating this novel with young readers, especially males who are reluctant to read. There are multiple ways the book can be taught to reach the many standards of the new Common Core. Sports and literacy, after all, do have a relationship that needs greater attention.

I enjoyed spending my Friday evening at home with the book as a way to unwind for the week. After last nights stomach nausea and 2 a.m. shower, I knew I needed to spend my Friday evening at home on the couch trying to let my body rest.

I especially liked the weaving of a Croation story with the reality of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Hoops, for many, definitely offer hope....

a hope needed on the last day of August before the September chaos begins.

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