Saturday, September 15, 2012

There's only 101 days left, people!

It's official. The store decorations are going up. I thought Halloween was the next holiday and then Thanksgiving, but I was in Kohl's today and, Wola! They were putting up the trees. It's September 15th, not even Autumn, and they are jumping into the spirit.

So, it's time to make lists and let others know what you want for Christmas.

Traffic. Long lines. Stress. Less light in the day. Chaos.

Can hardly wait, can you?

Thanks, Connecticut retail, for pushing the envelope even more this year. At least they didn't have the holiday music on quite yet (although I imagine they upped the debut earlier this year).

They also need to work on the song some more. Twelve days is not cutting it any longer, for real, for real.

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