Sunday, October 7, 2012

Aquarium Accomplished...

Jam-packed day complete. Barnwells pictures here with Long Island Sound Man, Captain Something or Other (who would be furious with me that I can'r remember the title he kept announcing.

We did the Norwalk Aquarium and the Children's Museum there...note: Children's Museum on free admission day may not have been wide. Extra note: For the Asian woman who took our parking spot even after I got out of the car and talked to her deserves much negative karma to come her way. I don't wish such to anyone, but she was beyond ridiculous, obnoxious, and totally in the wrong.

The Norwalk burgers were good and Stew Leonard's was its usual quirky self, although everyone in Connecticut was shopping there at the same exact time we arrived. With that said, the late arrival of midnight last night and the day of extreme play today has us beyond exhausted. Bring on Sunday (and the Canadian cold front).

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