Monday, November 26, 2012


Gi Gi!

This post is for Gigi Minto who knitted me a winter hat and who, unbeknownst to her, has fed me on numerous occasions this week. Yes, the mother of my administrative assistant thinks about me and the cold temperatures of Connecticut, but also about having enough food in my fridge. Last week before departing to Vegas for the NWP Annual Convention, I was handed a tray of ziti and sausage. Then, last night, finishing final touches before departing to San Diego for the Literacy Research Association, she sends over a plate of turkey, stuffing, and turnips. SCORE!!!!

I am forever grateful for such random acts of kindness and I know I need to pay it forward as soon as possible. I used to say that there should be an organization to unite retired people who like to cook with younger people who like to do chores for others. I'm down with such trade, especially when it saves me from having to spend time in the kitchen.

So, I guess this post is a coupon for Gigi. Whatever favor she needs, I've got it when I return.

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