Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fingers Crossed, Connecticut

The weather is not cooperating (or they're predicting it won't cooperate), but I'm heading to the West coast again this morning to eventually arrive to Humphrey's Half Moon Inn while I attend the Literacy Research Association conference. First a train, then an airport, then a flight. Actually, first a car to get dropped off by a train at an airport, although the wintry mix Gods and Goddesses are in the forecast. Either way, I'm up for the adventure, especially as it is an event that reunites me with the Syracuse University family that supported me these last four years.

That, and I've never been to San Diego but have heard again and again and again that it is close to utopia. My high school friend Kathy lives there with her husband and children; I hope I am able to steal time away to at least have a drink with them.

The travel side of academia is wonderful, but my heart is with teaching and I feel bad about missing classes to present on my research. I'm sure my students don't feel the same (they're doing a party dance), yet I like to build classes and at the end of the semester, while away, I am feeling unlike myself.
C'est La Vie. I look at this picture and smile. I can't wait to see the landscape.

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  1. Hey, Bryan, don't go making assumptions! We only did a *little* jig. Didn't want to scare the undergrads. Enjoy San Diego -- and maybe don't come back to Fairfield too soon: In case you haven't heard, you are missing a fun stomach ailment circulating campus which I think assailed some of us, ahem. However, I suddenly have insight into why I also felt not-so-hot after my other class the previous Monday. I hope they figure out what's going on before you return. Otherwise I might just have to request we meet at the local pizza joint (or bar) next week. Safe travels