Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm in San Diego...barely

and I'm hoping to win the Powerball tonight.

I was dropped off at 7:30 a.m. to catch a train to Newark airport. This went okay until I realized the ticket was booked for next week and not this week. I thought, "hmmm, how strange." Then I checked my Expedia airline tickets and they were for next week, too. Somehow the date was one week off, but the times I needed. I got a great deal on those flights, too. But, alas, Expedia says I have to pay a penalty to have the tickets changed and the price went up a lot. I budgeted this whole conference for $800: hotel, car rental, and food included. Whoops. Not any more.

Then, when I get to Newark with new arrangements, it begins to snow hard and everything gets delayed. Lucky it only lasted an hour or so and I was in the air rather quickly. Still, east coast to west coast, my brain is trying to process how it is that my tickets were booked for next week and not this. My administrative assistant is telling me that I'm losing it and I need to slow down.

Either way, I landed safely in San Diego and my hotel is really nice. The scenery is also gorgeous. First time in these parts and I look forward to seeing it during daylight hours. I always like to stay in rooms that are nicer than my house. Fancy Smancy Nancy, he writes as he eats a banana and granola bar for dinner and plans to head immediately to bed.

And tomorrow, we're off! 

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