Sunday, November 11, 2012

So, what are we called in Connecticut, anyway?

In New York I was a Yankee. In Kentucky I was a redneck. In Indiana I was a Hoosier. So what should a person from Connecticut be called? An uptight snob?
Actually, there are answers, including a Connecticuter, Connecticoian, Nutmegger, and even Connecticutesian. What do you call someone from Connecticut? Connecticuter? Nutmegger? Connecticutian? 
In the end, it usually ends up being a Connecticuter, but I can tell you I'm a transplant with no roots to the State accept for my love of wiffleball, frisbees and Pez candies, It also appeals to me that I can get across state in an hour and the winters aren't as harsh.
But I'm feeling like a Connectidiot these days and that is what I think we should be called.

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