Friday, November 23, 2012

The Turkey Coma Friday Aftermath

I will take most of Friday to digest all I ingested on Thursday. I must take this moment to acknowledge how thankful I was to be invited into the Kelly household for their family gathering. The food was delicious and the company engaging.

While celebrating, I received this video from Nikki of my mother and little sister playing Heart and Soul on their IPads. Ah, 21st Century (and my baby sister looks good, no?)

And I missed the stupid hats (bummed). I live for such corniness and I feel I wasn't part of it this year.That is why I'm sending a challenge to my nephews to make us elf hats and shoes for when I return for the December rituals.

And it is Black Friday. I am doubtful I will do anything except read in my house. I may walk up to Targets, but when I drove by their today they already had ropes up to guide tomorrow's shoppers into the store. That horrified me a bit.

Yet my family here makes me happy and puts a smile on my face. Let the season begin!

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