Friday, December 7, 2012

Connecticut Creamed Potatoes

In the off chance anyone every types "Connecticut Creamed Potatoes" I will be proud that they find my site. Why? Tonight is my first holiday party of the season and I am bringing creamed potatoes in honor of my grandmother's recipe and the adaptations I've made over the years. They remain one of my favorite things to eat.

I thought of potatoes for Friday's post, however, because my brain is feeling rather lumpy and cheesy, too. It must be Friday and, if my memory serves me correct, I've been doing 14 hour days, 7 days a week for quite a long time now. Um, hmmmm....since I left the classroom in 2007 to earn my doctorate.

Either way, this is not a complain post. It's an optimistic one looking forward to an evening of $10 gift exchanged, good cheer, new friends, and the wonderful, tacky, holiday sweater vest t-shirt that was bought for me specifically for this party.
There's a long day ahead before the evening begins, but I'm working hard so I can get to the taters. Yum. I found the chives last night. I'm ready to cook later this afternoon. 

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