Friday, December 28, 2012

Cynderballs! Today is your Day!

It begins with my mom's birthday. It moves into Christmas. It ends with Cynderballs and her special December celebration!

Today is the 28th and my big sister, the Queen of the Universe, turns another year older. Here, she's pictured doing her best impersonation of the Cabbage Patch doll Mike bought her for Christmas (which I image she already returned this week).

On the 28th of December each year the Crandall, Isgar and Barnwell people get together one last time to determine that, yes, they pretty much have had it with each other and need some space for a while. The close proximity over several events, coupled with decades of family history, creates anticipation of the new year where not as much time is spent together.

Actually, the love is real and it is especially felt on Cynde's special day. Today, she'll be getting her hair done. I'll be picking up her daughter at 3 p.m.. And she will select festivities for the evening that will not involve whisky, ginger all and cherry juice for Casey. I'm also baking my famous cake just for her and watching the U of L/University of Kentucky basketball game at 4.

We love you Cynde! We think you're the best oldest sister in the world! Here's to you!

With any luck, we'll get more photos like this tonight!

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